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*Historical data before April, 6th 2014 sourced from bitcoinaverage.com
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Price BTC Amount TUSD Value BTC
0.00009950BTC $64.90TUSD 0.00645755BTC
0.00010000BTC $8.16TUSD 0.00081600BTC
0.00010001BTC $29.72TUSD 0.00297230BTC
0.00010010BTC $100.00TUSD 0.01001000BTC
0.00010100BTC $8.16TUSD 0.00082416BTC
0.00010110BTC $288.13TUSD 0.02912994BTC
0.00010655BTC $253.73TUSD 0.02703550BTC
0.00010011BTC $316.00TUSD 0.03163476BTC
0.00010660BTC $273.46TUSD 0.02915160BTC
0.00010605BTC $8.00TUSD 0.00084840BTC
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Price BTC Amount TUSD Value BTC
0.00009951BTC $111.74TUSD 0.01111925BTC
0.00009950BTC $35.10TUSD 0.00349245BTC
0.00009900BTC $8.16TUSD 0.00080784BTC
0.00009800BTC $8.16TUSD 0.00079968BTC
0.00009800BTC $100.00TUSD 0.00980000BTC
0.00009701BTC $100.00TUSD 0.00970100BTC
0.00009700BTC $8.16TUSD 0.00079152BTC
0.00009690BTC $100.00TUSD 0.00969000BTC
0.00009601BTC $100.00TUSD 0.00960100BTC
0.00009600BTC $8.16TUSD 0.00078336BTC
0.00009501BTC $100.00TUSD 0.00950100BTC
0.00009500BTC $8.16TUSD 0.00077520BTC
0.00009500BTC $115.69TUSD 0.01099055BTC
0.00009445BTC $17.39TUSD 0.00164249BTC
0.00009444BTC $5.18TUSD 0.00048920BTC
0.00009400BTC $8.16TUSD 0.00076704BTC
0.00009300BTC $8.16TUSD 0.00075888BTC
0.00009280BTC $280.00TUSD 0.02598400BTC
0.00009200BTC $8.16TUSD 0.00075072BTC
0.00009200BTC $14.60TUSD 0.00134320BTC
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Price BTC Amount TUSD Value BTC
0.00010652BTC $108.49TUSD 0.01155635BTC
0.00010653BTC $8.00TUSD 0.00085224BTC
0.00010655BTC $803.51TUSD 0.08561448BTC
0.00010659BTC $3.89TUSD 0.00041464BTC
0.00010680BTC $94.84TUSD 0.01012981BTC
0.00010710BTC $8.00TUSD 0.00085680BTC
0.00010815BTC $8.00TUSD 0.00086520BTC
0.00010920BTC $8.00TUSD 0.00087360BTC
0.00010995BTC $1.00TUSD 0.00010995BTC
0.00010996BTC $1,341.43TUSD 0.14750364BTC
0.00011000BTC $32.68TUSD 0.00359480BTC
0.00011000BTC $1.00TUSD 0.00011000BTC
0.00011000BTC $65.74TUSD 0.00723140BTC
0.00011025BTC $8.00TUSD 0.00088200BTC
0.00011099BTC $15.90TUSD 0.00176474BTC
0.00011100BTC $8.49TUSD 0.00094239BTC
0.00011100BTC $3.00TUSD 0.00033300BTC
0.00011100BTC $122.36TUSD 0.01358196BTC
0.00011130BTC $8.00TUSD 0.00089040BTC
0.00011200BTC $3,000.00TUSD 0.33600000BTC
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