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Jun 13, 2024

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About BAT

BAT is the utility token of the Brave browser, a platform that offers payments and rewards to people who watch and produce ads on the internet. Created by Brendan Eich and Br...

Learn about BAT, its price and how to buy it

  • What's the Basic Attention Token for?

    The Basic Attention Token emerged with the Brave browser project. Concerned with maintaining people's privacy on the internet, its developers created a project that paid those who surfed the network using Brave. Thus, unwanted advertisements are no longer a problem and have become a source of income for Brave browser users.

  • How to earn BAT tokens?

    Brave pays browser users in two ways: the more you watch ads, the greater your compensation will be. For advertisers, the more the advertisements are accessed or watched, the greater their reward will be. To include advertisements in the Brave browser, it is necessary to acquire the BAT token, also used as a payment method within the Brave platform.

  • How to buy BAT?

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