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Jun 13, 2024

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About XLM

Stellar Lumens was created in 2014 as a protocol to make it easier to send cryptocurrencies to any part of the world. XLM is the native token of this platform and is required to c...

Clear your doubts about XLM e Stellar

  • What are the benefits of Stellar and how does it work?

    Stellar was created as a platform to make it easier to send and receive crypto assets. To send assets, it is necessary to convert them to XLM, which works as an intermediary asset. Thus, sending operations take place within the Stellar ecosystem. Whoever receives XLM reconverts the tokens into their desired currency (crypto or otherwise). This entire process occurs much faster than in traditional banks.

  • How is XLM priced?

    The price of XLM depends on market factors such as supply and demand for the asset. In addition, other variables such as the performance and development of the Stellar platform can interfere with the search for assets within the network. Other factors may favor XLM's performance, such as people getting more interested in international transactions and the crypto asset environment itself.

  • Where can XLM cryptocurrency be used?

    Besides working as an intermediary asset, XLM can be used to buy and sell other assets within the Stellar platform. At Bitso, you can convert fiat currencies like ARS, BRL, COP, MXN and USD to XLM. Or use any of our crypto assets to buy the currency of the Stellar network. In addition, you'll be able to exchange your XLM for any other assets in our portfolio in the future.

  • How to buy and sell the Stellar cryptocurrency (XLM)?

    Buy XLM at Bitso using ARS, BRL, COP, MXN or USD or through any of our assets. Also take the opportunity to check out other tokens and cryptocurrencies available for purchase and sale. Come to Bitso! Our app is easy to use and is suported in Android and iOS platforms.