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Jun 13, 2024

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About DOGE

DOGE came about as a joke in 2013. Starting from a meme of a Shiba Inu dog, its creators invented a coin as a joke to represent the high volatility of the crypto ...

Clear your doubts about DOGE

  • What's memecoin and why is Dogecoin one?

    Memecoins are coins developed based on memes or jokes that go viral on the Internet. That was the case of DOGE, when its creators used the image of a meme well-known of a Shiba Inu dog back in 2013. Memecoins emerge as a joke, and their success depend on different factors, such as what they offer to its holders. DOGE is widely used as a payment method on platforms that support cryptoassets.

  • How DOGE emerged and why it is famous?

    In 2013, two software engineers, Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer, developed a coin based on the code of another cryptocurrency, litecoin. His intention was to make a joke about the crypto market, an environment still flourishing back then. As a result, DOGE became the first memecoin. DOGE gained wide audiences when Tesla CEO and crypto enthusiast Elon Musk began releasing tweets saluting DOGE.

  • What's the price/value of DOGE?

    DOGE is a cryptoasset that is subject to market fluctuations. Its price in June 2022 was approximately 0.078 USD, with variations There is no maximum limited supply for DOGE issuance, and approximately 132.7 billion DOGE units are currently in circulation.

  • How to purchase Dogecoin (DOGE)?

    DOGEs can be purchased directly on the Dogecoin website or on exchanges such as Bitso. At Bitso, all you need to do is register on our app or website and make an initial deposit of 5 USD. Then just convert your reais into DOGE. Enjoy and check other cryptoassets in our portfolio. And in case of doubt, you can always count on the support of our Help Center!