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Jun 13, 2024

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SUSHI is the utility token of SushiSwap. On this platform, it is possible to buy, sell and trade cryptoassets. To use SushiSwap, you need to own SUSHI token...

SUSHI: price, how to buy and future prospects

  • What is the SUSHI token network?

    SushiSwap is a project based on the Ethereum network. Therefore, its tokens follow some of the patterns of the assets defined and based on Ethereum. The most common of these tokens, including SUSHI, is the ERC-20 type token. The greatest advantage of having a DeFi protocol based on the Ethereum network is the possibility of carrying out transactions of other tokens of that network in its own protocol.

  • What is the price/value of SUSHI crypto?

    As of June 2022, the price of a unit of SUSHI was approximately 1.20 USD, subject to market variations. The maximum total supply of SUSHI is 250 million units. Of these, approximately 127,250,000 are in circulation, accounting for approximately 51% of the total number of units to be issued.

  • What are the future propects for SUSHI?

    As SushiSwap's utility and governance token, SUSHI has its price directly tied to the future of that platform - in addition to the volatility inherent to this type of asset in the crypto market. SushiSwap intends to expand its functionality beyond those of the Ethereum network and is available on other blockchains, such as Kusama and Polkadot.

  • Where to buy and sell SUSHI?

    SUSHI can be purchased on the SushiSwap platform or on exchanges such as Bitso. At Bitso, all you need to do is register on our app or website, make an initial deposit of 5 USD and convert it to SUSHI. In addition to this token, Bitso offers many other cryptoassets you can add to your wallet.