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Jul 20, 2024

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Polygon was created to facilitate transactions within the Ethereum network. One of Ethereum's problems is the high cost of gas, the fees charged for carrying out transactions. Polygon provides serv...

What you need to know about Polygon and MATIC

  • What is the difference between Polygon and MATIC?

    Polygon is the name of the protocol, while MATIC is the native token of that platform. Polygon offers a series of opportunities for those who want to develop solutions in DeFi, dApps, or even create a decentralized exchange (DEX). For all these services, MATIC is required. The MATIC token is useful as a payment method, for staking (providing liquidity to the Polygon ecosystem and getting rewarded) and also as a governance token.

  • What is the price/value of the MATIC token?

    As of June 2022, one unit of the MATIC token was approximately 0.55 USD, subject to market fluctuations. Thermaximum supply of MATICs that can be issued is limited to 10 billion units. Of these, approximately 8 billion units, or 80%, are in circulation.

  • What are the future propects for MATIC?

    As a token linked to Polygon's infrastructure, the appreciation or devaluation of MATIC will depend on the performance of its platform. During 2022, MATIC came to be listed as one of the 15 largest cryptos in terms of market cap (price of a unit x amount of tokens in circulation). In addition to the Polygon project, supply and demand can be some of the many market factors that impact the token price.

  • Where to buy and sell MATIC?

    MATIC can be purchased on exchanges such as Bitso. At Bitso, you can purchase MATIC on our website or app. Just register on any of our platforms, make an initial deposit of 5 USD and convert it to MATIC. Enjoy and check out other cryptoassets we offer. And if you have any questions, our team of experts is here to help with whatever you need.