Litecoin: What is it, what is this for and how does its price vary?



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Jul 20, 2024

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About litecoin

Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency that emerged as an alternative to bitcoin with the purpose to process transactions faster. Litecoin is considered the "dig...

Understand litecoin cryptocurrency (LTC)

  • How many litecoin (LTCs) are there?

    Litecoin has a max supply limited to 84 million units. Of these units, approximately 70 million LTC have already been issued. According to the litecoin Foundation, it is estimated that the last LTC unit will be issued in 100 years.

  • Differences between litecoin and bitcoin

    The main differences between litecoin and bitcoin are: 1) the max supply of units which, in the case of litecoin, is four times greater than bitcoin's (20 million); 2) LTC transaction fees are cheaper; 3) transactions are much faster with litecoin.

  • What is litecoin for?

    Litecoin is useful for making payments, transactions and, within its own ecosystem, generating passive income. With LTC, you can buy and sell other cryptocurrencies or hold them in your wallet to increase their value.

  • How to buy litecoin (LTC)?

    Now that you understand what litecoin is and what it is for, you can buy this asset quickly and safely. The first step is to register on the Bitso website and access our platform through the app or the web. Then you just need to make a minimum deposit of 5 USD, click on “Convert” and start buying your cryptocurrencies in a simple, fast and completely safe way.