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Jul 20, 2024

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About GRT

GRT is the token of The Graph project, which was created with the aim of facilitating the location of data and information on blockchains. Blockchain technology allows for efficient data ...

Learn more about GRT and The Graph

  • How much is a The Graph (GRT)?

    The price of a GRT unit in June 2022 was approximately 0.12 USD, subject to variations according to market demand. There is a limited max supply of GRT at approximately 10 billion units. Of these, about 7 billion (or 70%) are currently in circulation.

  • What are The Graph's subgraphs?

    Subgraphs are data storage mechanisms used by The Graph to facilitate the indexing of data located on the blockchain. Using a programming language called GraphQL, it is possible to access data from different blockchains through The Graph platform. These services can be performed through decentralized applications (DApps), which makes The Graph project attractive to developers.

  • How does The Graph (GRT) work?

    The Graph has developed a system that allows you to catalog, index and integrate the databases of different blockchains in just one system that is easily accessible. That's why The Graph wants to be “the Google of blockchains”. With GRT, it is also possible to actively participate in The Graph platform, whether as a developer, curator, indexer or just a consumer.

  • How to buy GRT?

    GRT can be purchased on exchanges like Bitso. Make an initial deposit of 5 USD on the Bitso app or website to purchase GRT or other cryptocurrencies.