Bitcoin cash and bitcoin: All about these cryptocurrencies

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Jul 20, 2024

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About bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash was designed to offer faster and lower transaction costs than bitcoin. BC...

Differences between bitcoin and bitcoin cash

  • Is bitcoin cash different from bitcoin?

    Yes, it is different. The main difference between bitcoin cash and traditional bitcoin is in the size of the blocks in the blockchain of each asset. In BCH, each block is 32 MB. In bitcoin, on the other hand, the size is 1 MB. This makes transactions on the bitcoin cash network faster compared to bitcoin's.

  • How much is bitcoin cash worth?

    The price of bitcoin cash in June 2022 is approximately 880 BRL and may vary according to market movements. It is one of the assets with the highest market circulation index. At Bitso, you can keep track of the price of BCH and other assets in real time.

  • How did BCH emerge and what is it for?

    Bitcoin cash emerged in 2017 as a fork of bitcoin's source code. At that time, there was a debate about the need to increase the size of blocks while processing bitcoin network transactions. The advocates of this expansion funded their own project, which gave rise to bitcoin cash.

  • How to buy bitcoin cash (BCH)?

    To buy bitcoin cash and many other assets in a quick, convenient and secure way, simply download the Bitso app or access our website. You only need to make an initial deposit of 5 USD and then convert the amount to buy the cryptocurrency you want. You can always count on our Help Center for support!