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Jun 13, 2024

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About QNT

Quant Network was created to offer connectivity between different blockchains and the possibility of developing dApps and other projects in DeFi. QNT is the utility token that serves as a p...

Learn about QNT, its price and how to buy/sell

  • Quant and QNT: what's the difference?

    Quant Network is the name of the platform, while QNT is the acronym for the native token of this network. Quant is also the name of the token, which can sometimes be confusing. For that reason, the acronym QNT is used to refer to the token. Both tokens and network were launched in June 2018.

  • Is the Quant Network part of the Ethereum network?

    Yes, the Quant Network project was developed on top of the Ethereum network. Operating through smart contracts, self-executing software that runs when criteria are met, Quant Network offers several services to be used in DeFi. Among them, there are mApps (multi-chain Apps), applications that allow for the interoperability of services on different blockchains. To fully use the services of the Quant Network, you need to own QNT tokens.

  • What is the price/value of QNT?

    As of June 2022, the price of a QNT unit was approximately 56 USD, subject to market fluctuations. The total limit of QNT tokens to be offered is 14.6 million units. Of these, approximately 12 million units are already in circulation, making up around 83% of the maximum supply.

  • Where to buy and sell QNT?

    QNT can be purchased on exchanges like Bitso. At Bitso, you can purchase QNT on our website or app, just register on any of our platforms, make an initial deposit of 5 USD and convert it to QNT. Enjoy and check out other cryptoassets we offer. If you have any questions, our team of experts is here to help with whatever you need.