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Jul 20, 2024

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About Chainlink (LINK)

LINK is the utility token of Chainlink, a network of oracles that integrates information and data from external sources (off-chain) into blockchains (on-chain). LINK works as a pa...

All about LINK, the Chainlink utility token

  • What's the price of the LINK token?

    In June 2022, the price of one LINK unit was approximately 7.60 USD. LINK has its maximum supply limited to 1 billion units. Approximately 47% of this amount has already been issued, accounting for about 467 million units. As LINK is a volatile asset, its price is subject to market fluctuations.

  • What is Chainlink and how does it work?

    Chainlink is a network of oracles that bring off-chain data to the blockchains. The operators of nodes, users who validate the transmission of information, are rewarded with the token LINK. The entire Chainlink network works with smart contracts, self-executing programs that run when a series of established criteria are met, thus providing greater security and convenience to your service.

  • Is Chainlink part of Ethereum network?

    Since Chainlink is a project based on the Ethereum network, its utility token, LINK, follows the network's ERC-20 standard. However, keep in mind that the Ethereum network works as a hub for other DeFi projects, decentralized applications and other functionalities that use smart contracts. So Chainlink is on the Ethereum network, but it is not officially owned by the Ethereum network organization.

  • How to buy the LINK token?

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