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Jul 20, 2024

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About ether

Ether is one of the most popular virtual currencies. It ranks second in the list of cryptocurrencies with the highest market value. ETH is the digital currency of the Ethereum network, a blockchain platform tha...

What you need to know about ether & Ethereum

  • What's the difference between ETH/BTC?

    Ether (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC) are cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology. While BTC has its total supply limited to 21 million units, ETH has an emission limit of 18 million units per year. Soon, the Ethereum network will use a new consensus mechanism called proof of participation, which will further increase the speed of its network at a lower cost.

  • How does the Ethereum network work?

    The Ethereum network was created to serve as the basis for a number of other projects in the crypto universe. Using smart contracts and self-executing software, anyone can use the network to create tokens, decentralized applications, and other projects. Ether (ETH) is the cryptocurrency on the network that allows you to make and receive payments.

  • What is the price of ether (Ethereum)?

    In the first months of 2022, the price of 1 ether has been hovering around 2,000 USD. However, to start investing in this crypto you can buy a fraction of it and you don't necessarily need to start with 2,000 USD. There is an expectation of increase in value due to updates on the Ethereum network that will be presented throughout the year.

  • How to buy ether?

    The safest way to buy and sell ether is using the services of an exchange, like Bitso, which is one of the fastest growing digital currency exchanges in Brazil. After registering on the Bitso website or app, you can buy ether and other cryptocurrencies in a quick, simple and safe way, starting with 5 USD. If you need guidance, just contact our team of experts!