Industries we work with

World-class payment solutions for global companies

We serve companies worldwide transacting across the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina.

World-class payment solutions for global companies

Send and receive payments in Latam without a local entity and with just one integration.

Move money across borders with no need to pre-fund accounts.

Pick from many assets to trade and exchange high-volume amounts.

Industries we work with


Money Transmitters

Smooth out and speed up the process of remittances without the need to pre-fund accounts in different countries.

Fast and easy
Payments Service Providers

Claudia Garavini

"We considered Bitso Business because of three important aspects: cost, speed, and reliability. These were the key factors we were looking for when building our payment rails. We approached Bitso early on, and they were willing to test various solutions with us. Together we built a system that solves our problems and improves the lives of our clients".

one integration, many countries

Payments Service Providers

Support your e-commerce clients in expanding their operations effortlessly, using a single system for payment integration and a unified business agreement.

Accurate and efficient reconciliation with full visibility on all transactions
Payments Service Providers

Roney Carlos Mensch

"Bitso Business has revolutionized the way we manage our financial transactions, offering agile and secure solutions that keep pace with our growth".



Real-time payments in local currencies for sports bettings, online casinos, mobile games, gambling, e-sports websites/apps and more.

Fiat to stablecoin settlements
Payments Service Providers

Rodrigo Bernardino

“Bitso Business is our complete platform for buying, selling and transferring cryptocurrencies. It’s also amazing for the sports betting market, with the best cost-benefit, agility and proximity to the team of consultants”.

The most cost-efficient trading options

Traders & OTC services

We provide access to fiat banking rails and crypto/fiat liquidity. Transfer funds swiftly to take advantage of market opportunities and financial strategies.

Traders & OTC services


Your gateway to safe and regulated business expansion

We're the first exchange in Latin America with end-to-end regulatory coverage. We're licensed in Europe and across Latam.

Bitso's regulatory licenses


First Latin American platform in obtaining Distributed Ledger Technology Regulatory Framework from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). We have a robust regulatory framework with strong focus in AML and asset protection. Deposits, trades and withdrawals are under supervision of the GFSC.

Receive real-time payments in Latam without a local entity

About us

Bitso Business

We are a payments infrastructure provider that enables global companies (and their customers) to pay and get paid in local currency and move money across borders.

Leveraging blockchain-based technology, Bitso Business allows you to execute cost-effective and transparent transactions eliminating the need for pre-funding. Our platform is built on top of a single, easy-to-integrate API with direct connections to local banking rails, enabling instant local and cross-border transactions.

As we operate under a unique regulatory model, we are able to serve companies worldwide transacting across the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina.

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