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Price BTC Amount TUSD Value BTC
0.00012023BTC $93.09TUSD 0.01119221BTC
0.00012199BTC $200.52TUSD 0.02446143BTC
0.00012199BTC $121.99TUSD 0.01488156BTC
0.00012199BTC $200.51TUSD 0.02446021BTC
0.00012199BTC $150.43TUSD 0.01835096BTC
0.00012199BTC $200.37TUSD 0.02444314BTC
0.00012199BTC $77.92TUSD 0.00950546BTC
0.00012199BTC $20.03TUSD 0.00244346BTC
0.00012199BTC $200.37TUSD 0.02444314BTC
0.00012199BTC $52.65TUSD 0.00642277BTC
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Price BTC Amount TUSD Value BTC
0.00012021BTC $3.50TUSD 0.00042074BTC
0.00011900BTC $3.58TUSD 0.00042602BTC
0.00011810BTC $1.00TUSD 0.00011810BTC
0.00011805BTC $94.80TUSD 0.01119114BTC
0.00011804BTC $25.00TUSD 0.00295100BTC
0.00011790BTC $1.00TUSD 0.00011790BTC
0.00011788BTC $120.47TUSD 0.01420100BTC
0.00011779BTC $3.62TUSD 0.00042640BTC
0.00011750BTC $100.00TUSD 0.01175000BTC
0.00011730BTC $1.10TUSD 0.00012903BTC
0.00011720BTC $95.00TUSD 0.01113400BTC
0.00011700BTC $24.19TUSD 0.00283023BTC
0.00011669BTC $1.00TUSD 0.00011669BTC
0.00011658BTC $3.66TUSD 0.00042668BTC
0.00011612BTC $1.11TUSD 0.00012889BTC
0.00011600BTC $103.17TUSD 0.01196772BTC
0.00011600BTC $10.21TUSD 0.00118436BTC
0.00011584BTC $21.57TUSD 0.00249867BTC
0.00011548BTC $1.00TUSD 0.00011548BTC
0.00011537BTC $3.69TUSD 0.00042572BTC
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Price BTC Amount TUSD Value BTC
0.00012085BTC $2.40TUSD 0.00029103BTC
0.00012099BTC $266.69TUSD 0.03226682BTC
0.00012199BTC $1,025.02TUSD 0.12504327BTC
0.00012256BTC $2.10TUSD 0.00025738BTC
0.00012256BTC $100.00TUSD 0.01225600BTC
0.00012267BTC $5.20TUSD 0.00063788BTC
0.00012285BTC $10.00TUSD 0.00122850BTC
0.00012300BTC $17.20TUSD 0.00211560BTC
0.00012311BTC $10.00TUSD 0.00123110BTC
0.00012370BTC $2.10TUSD 0.00025977BTC
0.00012381BTC $5.20TUSD 0.00064381BTC
0.00012390BTC $10.00TUSD 0.00123900BTC
0.00012435BTC $23.13TUSD 0.00287671BTC
0.00012436BTC $3.59TUSD 0.00044645BTC
0.00012490BTC $2.10TUSD 0.00026229BTC
0.00012495BTC $10.00TUSD 0.00124950BTC
0.00012495BTC $5.20TUSD 0.00064974BTC
0.00012500BTC $90.00TUSD 0.01125000BTC
0.00012556BTC $3.59TUSD 0.00045076BTC
0.00012600BTC $9.00TUSD 0.00113400BTC
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