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Price BTC Amount TUSD Value BTC
0.00031929BTC $44.00TUSD 0.01404876BTC
0.00031929BTC $485.80TUSD 0.15511108BTC
0.00031929BTC $19.92TUSD 0.00636026BTC
0.00031929BTC $34.12TUSD 0.01089417BTC
0.00031929BTC $31.24TUSD 0.00997462BTC
0.00031500BTC $2.63TUSD 0.00082845BTC
0.00031500BTC $116.84TUSD 0.03680460BTC
0.00031961BTC $1,095.78TUSD 0.35022225BTC
0.00031961BTC $2,000.00TUSD 0.63922000BTC
0.00031961BTC $15.56TUSD 0.00497313BTC
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Price BTC Amount TUSD Value BTC
0.00030005BTC $1.00TUSD 0.00030005BTC
0.00030003BTC $2.17TUSD 0.00065107BTC
0.00030003BTC $2,000.00TUSD 0.60006000BTC
0.00030000BTC $123.34TUSD 0.03700200BTC
0.00029562BTC $808.48TUSD 0.23900286BTC
0.00029561BTC $1,000.00TUSD 0.29561000BTC
0.00029500BTC $132.21TUSD 0.03900195BTC
0.00029500BTC $2.04TUSD 0.00060180BTC
0.00029254BTC $400.00TUSD 0.11701600BTC
0.00029208BTC $1.72TUSD 0.00050238BTC
0.00029208BTC $709.67TUSD 0.20728041BTC
0.00029207BTC $1.72TUSD 0.00050236BTC
0.00029186BTC $600.00TUSD 0.17511600BTC
0.00029000BTC $5.00TUSD 0.00145000BTC
0.00028586BTC $400.00TUSD 0.11434400BTC
0.00028136BTC $200.00TUSD 0.05627200BTC
0.00028100BTC $3.34TUSD 0.00093854BTC
0.00028045BTC $200.00TUSD 0.05609000BTC
0.00028045BTC $200.00TUSD 0.05609000BTC
0.00028044BTC $1,069.75TUSD 0.30000069BTC
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Price BTC Amount TUSD Value BTC
0.00031928BTC $5.20TUSD 0.00166026BTC
0.00031929BTC $19.92TUSD 0.00636026BTC
0.00031979BTC $52.00TUSD 0.01662908BTC
0.00031999BTC $2,000.00TUSD 0.63998000BTC
0.00032000BTC $100.00TUSD 0.03200000BTC
0.00032000BTC $31.50TUSD 0.01008000BTC
0.00032444BTC $829.00TUSD 0.26896076BTC
0.00032560BTC $31.00TUSD 0.01009360BTC
0.00033000BTC $2,212.11TUSD 0.72999630BTC
0.00033000BTC $100.00TUSD 0.03300000BTC
0.00033022BTC $30.50TUSD 0.01007171BTC
0.00033300BTC $6.10TUSD 0.00203130BTC
0.00033333BTC $137.17TUSD 0.04572336BTC
0.00033900BTC $5.90TUSD 0.00200010BTC
0.00033900BTC $5.90TUSD 0.00200010BTC
0.00034390BTC $1.58TUSD 0.00054336BTC
0.00034500BTC $5.80TUSD 0.00200100BTC
0.00034500BTC $5.80TUSD 0.00200100BTC
0.00035100BTC $5.70TUSD 0.00200070BTC
0.00035700BTC $5.70TUSD 0.00203490BTC
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