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Proof of Solvency

Bitso is implementing the Zero-Knowledge technology to provide a proof of solvency that's sound and effective. Learn how it works below.


Proving solvency

The Proof of Solvency is how any financial institution can be transparent to their customers about their financial health and assure the availability of their funds.

  • Proof of Reserves and Proof of Liabilities

    First, an organization needs to provide two proofs: a proof of total assets in reserve; and a proof of having properly accounted all of its customers' funds as liabilities.

  • Hold more reserves than liabilities

    Then, the organization must showcase that the assets it holds are equal or greater than its liabilities. And with Proven’s software, we are poised to showcase that cryptographically.

  • Recurrently review and attest solvency

    Finally, doing it once is not enough. A financial institution must be able to recurrently provide a proof of solvency and make it possible for users and third parties to verify it. 


More on Bitso's Solvency

  • How can I verify Bitso's solvency today?

    Bitso's solvency can be verified via Zero-knowledge technology. Thanks to our partnership with Proven, we can now issue monthly zk-proofs of solvency and publish them in a smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Where can I find Bitso's solvency reports?

    Bitso's solvency report is available in your account profile in its Web version. To find it, follow these steps:

    1. Go to in your browser.
    2. Log in to your account.
    3. Go to the menu in the upper right corner.
    4. Select “Profile”.
    5. In the left navigation bar, select “Proof of Solvency”.

    There you'll find a list with Bitso's latest reports.

  • How is Bitso providing a Zero-Knowledge proof?

    We have partnered up with Proven, a cryptography firm that developed its own Zero-Knowledge proof technology. This exclusive technology enables Bitso to authenticate our liabilities and reserves cryptographically using the zk-SNARK protocol, and then disclose our proof of solvency publicly in a smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to this partnership, we can provide the assurance our customers need while maintaining their privacy in the process.

  • What is a Zero-Knowledge proof (zk-proof)?

    A Zero-Knowledge proof, also known as zk-proof, is a component from the Zero-Knowledge technology, which is a method for information validation with more privacy, security, and processing speed. The zk-proof works like a sealed envelope that nobody can open except for its owner. However, the owner can prove to anyone that the information inside the envelope is true by using a cryptographic protocol. When verifiers run that same protocol, they can confirm that the envelope contains the information it was said to contain without opening it. 

  • The advantages of the Zero-knowledge proof?

    The Zero-Knowledge technology has been a game-changer for the crypto industry. It leverages the strengths of the blockchain technology, such as transparency and security, while covering its flaws, like lack of privacy and slowness. In other words, it's helping make blockchains more scalable, private and trustworthy. The same can be said of the Proof of Solvency. With a zk-proof, Bitso can prove its solvency recurrently, and that proof can be disclosed publicly without revealing any sensitive information. Adding transparency to our operations while protecting the privacy of our customers.

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