Accept Bitcoin payments at zero cost

Want to be a step ahead with your business? Accept Bitcoin, Bitso makes it easy. Bitcoin is a great new technology for merchants to take secure electronic payments at minimal cost. With BitsoPay, you can accept payments from customers using Bitcoin, either at your high-street store or your e-commerce website, and convert instantly to local currency. Setup is easy - you can begin accepting payments today!


  • 0% commission. Yes, it's free!
  • Go global! Process transactions from anywhere in the world, any time
  • Get paid in the currency of your choosing, without worrying about exchange rates - charge $1, get $1
  • No charge-back risk
  • Fast payout via SPEI, with low minimum
  • Sophisticated SCI (Shopping Cart Interface) that is compatible with any online merchant
  • Simple tablet-based PoS for high-street businesses
  • Accept payments in Mexican Peso (MXN) or bitcoin (BTC)
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