Bitso Shift is moving! Say hello to US Domestic Wires

Just like you did in Bitso Shift, now you can wire USD to and from US-based accounts in Exactly as if you were performing a local transfer: with lower fees and without complexity.

How to use US Domestic Wires

Step 1

Log in Bitso

You can log in by accessing in your browser.

Step 2

Select Deposit or Send

Go to “Deposit” if you want to receive USD via US Domestic Wire. Or go to “Send” if you want to transfer USD from your wallet to a US-based account.

Step 3

Choose US Domestic Wire

Whereas in the “Deposit” or in the “Send” screen, select the option “US Domestic Wire” and follow the instructions that will appear next.

All you need to know about US Domestic Wires!

Clear all your doubts and enjoy US Domestic Wires in

How do US Domestic Wires work?

US domestic wire transfer is one of the fastest ways to send money from one bank account to another. Traditionally, a domestic wire transfer means sending money from banks inside the same country, but with Bitso, you can send and receive USD from a US-based bank account directly in your Bitso account. It can be from your own US account or from another person.

Do I need to have a US-based account to use Domestic Wires in Bitso?

Not really! Bitso allows you to receive and send USD to any US-based account, it doesn’t need to be under your name. But keep in mind that if you want to deposit or send USD from bank accounts under your name, then the account must be based in the US.

Can I send or receive US domestic wires from other people?

Yes! You can deposit and send USD to any US-based bank account. It could be friends, family, your employer, or anyone else.

How does Bitso+ work with US domestic wires?

If Bitso+ is activated in your account, then alll the USD deposits added to your wallet via US Domestic Wire will generate weekly yields automatically.

What happened with Bitso Shift?

Bitso Shift was the previous name of the US domestic wire solution. To improve your experience with Bitso's services, Bitso Shift is being moved to, and the old website will shut down by Jul 20th 2022.

Now, you can perform domestic transfers, buy USD, and all other features you were used to without leaving your wallet at Plus, now you have access to 35+ cryptocurrencies and many other services!

If you used to have only a Bitso Shift account, don't worry. You can login with the same email and password, and your previous authorized accounts and funds were migrated to too.

Does the service still work the same?

Yes, everything’s still the same. You can deposit and send USD to and from US-based accounts and convert USD. What’s more, you can have access to operate with +35 cryptocurrencies.