Earn 2% on your crypto while you sleep

With Bitso+, you can start earning no matter how many USD stablecoins you own. Receive yields weekly, and convert or withdraw your funds at any time.

Rendimento de Bitcoin e Stablecoins é com Bitso+

Earning with Bitso+ is simple

There's no minimum to start earning, and even 0.01 USD stablecoin is enough.

  • Activate for free

    We've partnered with well-known platforms that went through a rigorous audit process. Our partners generate yield on your crypto, and we pay it back to you without charging any fees.

  • Earn without effort

    There's no need for you to be a crypto expert to earn through Bitso+. We abstract away all the complexity required to generate yield on your crypto so you don't have to worry about any of it. All you have to do is to sit back and earn.

  • Withdraw anytime

    You'll receive yields every Monday, and your funds will never be locked-up. You will be able to convert, trade, or withdraw part or the entirety of your funds whenever you want.

Activating Bitso+ is easy

Don't let your USD stablecoins standstill in your wallet.


Download the Bitso App

You can use Bitso+ within the Bitso App, available for Android and iOS.


Go to the Wallet tab

Above your list of coins, you'll find a section inviting you to activate Bitso+.


Tap "Activate Bitso+"

You just need to accept our terms of service and the risk disclosure and that's it, your USD stablecoins will start growing.

Learn more about Bitso+

Do you have any doubts? We answer all of them!

What are stablecoins?

Stablecoins are tokens whose value is pegged to a reserve asset, usually the US dollar. The price of stablecoins isn't as volatile as the price of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether, so they're an alternative for you to protect your savings in the blockchain, instead of in your pocket or bank.

What are USD stablecoins?

USD stablecoins is a select group of stablecoins available in our app that is composed of USD Coin (USDC) and Pax Dollar (USDP). Since you can buy or sell 1 USDC or 1 USDP for US$ 1, we consolidate the two into a single balance we call "USD stablecoins".

Are USD stablecoins the same as the US dollar?

No. You can't hold US dollars in the blockchain, and you can't hold USD stablecoins in your bank. Nonetheless, the price parity with the dollar is kept at 1:1 because the USDC and USDP issuers hold reserves in cash or cash equivalents that are either attested or audited regularly.

How do USD stablecoins work in Bitso+?

You can instantly convert any currency or crypto you have in your Bitso wallet to USD stablecoins. Alternatively, you can deposit USDC or USDP through the Ethereum network. Once you're holding any amount of USD stablecoins in your Bitso wallet, you just need to activate Bitso+ to start earning. To understand better how USD stablecoins work in Bitso, visit our Help Center.

How much yield will I earn?

How much you earn depends on how much you have. Your USD stablecoins balance will generate yields at a 2% annualized rate. These rates will be financially supported by Bitso. To understand better how Bitso+ works, visit our Help Center.

For how long are the rates going to remain the same?

Yields are subject to market conditions and may be reduced or increased. The rates will always be updated in the app, and we'll notify you in case we change them.

Are funds safe on Bitso+?

Even though the yield providers that Bitso partnered with have strong security standards, they don't offer insurance against the loss or theft of funds. To understand the risks associated with using Bitso+, read our Risk Disclosure.