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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Bitso Card? How does it work?

Bitso Card is a digital and physical card that you can use to pay for your purchases with the available balance in MXN in your wallet.

It works like a debit card; you must fund your wallet in MXN through a transfer from any bank account you own.

To use the digital card, you only need to access the Card section in your app; choose the Digital card option and then select View details to copy them to the site where you will make the purchase.

With the physical card, you can buy in physical stores worldwide, use it easily from your app, make contactless payments at point-of-sale terminals, and withdraw cash at ATMs in Mexico and worldwide.

For security reasons, you won't be able to make payments in online stores, streaming services, and apps with your physical card. You will always have your digital card in your wallet for these cases.

At the moment, Bitso Card does not allow installment payments.

2. Where can I use the Bitso Card?

At any physical store and online site that accepts Mastercard.

With the physical card you can shop in physical stores around the world, use it easily from your app, make contactless payments at point-of-sale terminals and withdraw cash at ATMs in Mexico.

With the digital card you can make secure online purchases and subscribe to streaming, music and entertainment services, among others.

You can use it for all your purchases, including your daily expenses or groceries, as well as for mobile applications and digital service subscriptions.

3. How can I apply for my Bitso Card?

You can request your card from the app, you only need to be a legal resident in Mexico, have a Bitso account and have at least a Limit or Level 2 account to fund your Wallet. For this reason, in case you have a Level lower than 2, we will ask you for some extra information and/or documents to verify your identity in the app.

4. How can I deposit MXN to my Bitso Card?

Once the transaction is completed, the deposit in MXN will be automatically reflected in your MXN wallet balance, ready to be used with your card. At the moment, it is not possible to receive transfers from other banks using the physical card number; it is only possible to deposit through the CLABE account.

5. How safe is it to use the Bitso Card?

In addition to having all the security protocols offered by the platform, you can block and unlock your card, cancel it, or request a new one at any time from your app. What’s more, the Bitso card will not have your name printed on it to safeguard your personal details.

We are working on more features to keep strengthening the security of your purchases.

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